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John Clements

Cal Poly, Computer Science, Racket, Rust

The idea of race is a tragic fiction, constructed to justify oppression and xenophobia.

Another White Male Professor

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Diversity & Inclusion

Our country & our university have a long way to go to realize our goal of allowing every student in every classroom to feel welcome and valued. My intent is to create a space where these goals are visible and we're making progress toward them. Speaking for myself, I strongly value diversity of opinion and identity, and I hope I can make that clear in my actions. Please let me know if there are ways that I could be doing that better.

"The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder."
-- Ralph Sockman

"This man loves test cases like small children love Toys R Us. On multiple occasions I have spent more time writing test cases than I spent writing the actual programs."
-- Anonymous 102 student

Current Courses

CSC 202

CSC 430

Office hours

My preferred modality for office hours is in person, at the times listed in the table below. If you need to schedule a remote meeting, please contact me via email. Thanks!

Spring 2024


NB: office hours are subject to change; please consult the google calendar below to see if any of this week's office hours have been altered.


office: Building 14, room 208
e-mail: clements@calpoly.edu
phone: (805)756-6528
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Department of Computer Science
California Polytechnic State University
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